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Your "Leave Happy" Booking Conditions ensure we can do our upmost, so you have a terrific time with us.

When you book a meal with us we are creating a contract between your party and us.  Your rights and ours are governed by the following legislation:

The Consumer Rights Act 2015

Key Facts:

  • You've got 2 hours on your table

  • Cancel 30 minutes or more, before your reservation

  • We may ask for a deposit on key dates. If you don't cancel it won't be refunded.  We're only asking for 30 minutes notice, on the same day!

  • We can't help make amends if you don't mention how we can improve your experience.  We will ask you during each course if everything is okay.  Use this opportunity to let us put things right and/or, just simply tweak a dish e.g.g a little more bread, more gravy etc.

  • You won't be compensated for things we've put right.  House rules!  



There has been a significant uptick in spurious complaints and customers demanding specific compensation requests.  Spurious because the meals have been eaten and the complaints have been made at the end of the meal or well after the event.  Due to the high monetary value of the demands of compensation, The Monro no longer offers compensation of any kind.  

1.1 We no longer offer compensation for:

  1. Complaints at the end of the meal.

  2. Complaints in writing or over the phone days after the visit.

  3. Errors that we make in the service and production of your meal, that we have rectified.


1.2 What we’ll do instead:

  1. Ask at every course if everything is okay with your meal.

  2. When this is asked we can replace or enhance items e.g. bring extra sauces etc.




2.1  Our complaints policy strictly follows The Consumer Rights Act 2015.  We will ask you during each course if everything is okay and if you need anything further, to enjoy your meal with us.

2.2  You agree to notify of us of any issue with each of your courses.

2.3  As soon as you realise that your food is not up to standards, you should stop eating it and notify a member of staff.  You can ask for something else from the menu, ask that the dish be replaced, or simply opt not to eat that course.


3.0  Rejecting a meal

3.1  If you reject a course that you have stopped eating and have left 90% or more of the main constituent part of it, you won’t be required to pay for it.  If you eat more than this you will be charged for what you have eaten.


4.0  Replacement meals

4.1  If we bring you a replacement meal which you deem acceptable you agree to pay for this. 

4.2  You know it will take time to cook a new dish

4.3  You agree that you will not be compensated for the time taken to cook your replacement.


5.0  Waiting for food

5.1  You have chosen to dine at one of the last “cook from fresh” restaurants.  That means we take raw ingredients and cook your meal from fresh.  It’s labour intensive but you get better food.  Fresh food takes longer to prepare, especially at busy times.  If you don’t have a starter and go straight to a main course that takes 40 minutes to cook and prepare, you could wait over an hour for food e.g. chicken dishes can't be rushed or under cooked!

5.2  Worst case scenario example:

  • It’s 8pm on a Saturday, and The Monro is full

  • You’re not having starters

  • You’ve chosen dishes on the menu that take the longest time to cook

+7 minutes – You arrive, take off your coats, take a seat and your server comes over

+8 minutes - Your server explains any offers and specials, offers allergen advice, takes your main course order, notes down any special requests and takes your drinks orders.

+7 minutes – Your sever goes to the till, and has to wait 4 minutes because another server is using it (it is a busy Saturday after all).  It takes another 3 minutes to programme the till with your order.  Your drinks are brought to your table and you start to have a good chat.

+5 minutes – Your food order has gone automatically to the kitchen printer.  If the Head Chef is plating up a table of 8 then it’ll be 4 minutes before she can look at your order.

Elapsed order time 20 minutes – these minutes add up!

Time in restaurant 27 minutes


+30 minutes – she notes you’re not having starters, prioritizes your order, ahead of 5 other food orders, but because you’re having chicken it’s going to take 30 minutes to cook.

+5 minutes – like a miracle all your meals are timed to finish cooking at the same time, your Head Chef now plates up your meals.

+4 minutes – Your food is plated up, the bell rung and brought to you by your server.

Elapsed order time 58 minutes – these minutes really do add up!

Time in restaurant 1 hour 10 minutes


5.3  This is the point at which some guests complain about the wait and want compensation.

5.4  Now that you know how fresh food is prepared and how your order is processed you can see that guests should not be compensated for the wait. 


5.5  Tip – always have a starter.

Starters typically take less than 15 minutes to make, take you 15-20 minutes to eat leisurely, drink and chat, 5 minutes to collect the empties and this leaves you with a comfortable 10-15 minute gap between courses. 

5.5.1  We recommend that you have a starter if you don't want to wait for extended periods of time for your main course.


6.0  Who to complain to

6.1  Speak to the member of staff who is looking after you.

6.2  If the member of staff serving you is unable to help you with your complaint, you should ask to speak to the manager instead.

6.3  If you have followed the steps above there should be no difficulty persuading the manager that you should not have to pay for the unsatisfactory portion of the meal.

6.4  However if for some other issue, you believe you’re entitled to compensation or a free item and this was refused, you agree in these terms & conditions, to pay the bill in full, but make it clear that you are paying “under protest”, write “paying under protest” on the bill itself and leave your contact details with us.



7.1  If you develop food poisoning after eating, it is your responsibility to prove that we are at fault. We have strict protocols in place to prevent food poisoning.  It's not good for business.  This is clearly a serious matter but it can be hard to prove that you got food poisoning from a specific meal.

7.2  If you believe you can, you may be able to claim compensation by hiring a solicitor and making a claim against our insurers.


8.1  Time on table

You are permitted to use the table for up to 2 hours.


8.2  For Tables of 8 or less if you don’t cancel a booking:

8.2.1   If you book a table and fail to cancel we reserve the right to ask you, and you agree to pay us £10 per person.  You can cancel 30 or more minutes prior to your booked time without paying the £10. 

8.2.2  Be nice.  Call us to cancel.


8.3  For Tables of 9 or more if you don’t cancel a booking:

8.3.1   If yours is a table of 9 or more, you agree to pay a deposit of £10 per person.  The deposit is refundable when:

8.3.2  The number of guests who are not attending is two or less and you have let us know 30 minutes or more, before your booking.

8.3.3  The deposit is non refundable and non transferable in all other cases. 

8.3.4  That means you cannot use the deposit to pay for food and drink.



9.1  The relevant parts of the law states that any service must be done “with reasonable care and skill” and “within a reasonable time”.  This covers problems such as being treated poorly by staff or experiencing lengthy waits with no obvious cause before being served

9.2  Bear in mind that “reasonable” can mean different things depending on the situation. For example, you would expect to wait longer for your food during the dinner rush than if you were sitting in an otherwise empty restaurant at 5pm. (Refer to part 5.2)

9.3  Likewise, you should not expect the quality of service in The Monro to match that of the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong.

9.4  If you encounter poor service at The Monro, you should make a complaint to the staff member who has been responsible for serving you, and ask to speak to the manager if you do not consider their response acceptable. (Refer to part 6.0)

9.5  How your complaint is handled is at our sole discretion.  



10.1  If you eat the food, and drink the drink, you have to pay for it. 

10.2  We do not negotiate compensation because you have agreed to our non compensation, non refund policy by dining with us.



11.1  The Monro does not accept liability for any failure to provide the services contracted as a result of circumstances beyond its control, including electrical or gas failure.

Finally - 99.9% of our customers have a wonderful time.  The complaints we have are rarely about food but about us refusing crazy demands for compensation.  Hence these terms & conditions, which make it clear 100%, that we'll do our upmost to look after you.