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Whether you call it "Christmas Dinner" or "Christmas Lunch" you'll love our Christmas menu

As you know, "Christmas Dinner" in the United Kingdom would more accurately be described as "Christmas Lunch" as the vast majority of people will eat their meal in the afternoon. In times past though what was on the menu at Christmas? It certainly wasn't turkey.  

In medieval times, the main event on Christmas menus would have been a main course of wild boar. These were common and running wild throughout the woodlands and forests of Toxteth.

By the 1500's and 1600's the Christmas dinners of the time would mainly be served with goose or capon.  Lords and ladies sometimes feasted on swan and peacock, the latter would have taken some plucking no doubt.

Finally, turkey appeared on Christmas menus in England in the 16th century, with King Henry VIII being the first monarch to have turkey for Christmas dinner.

In 1573 a farmer by the name of Thomas Tusser noted that by 1573 turkeys were commonly served for Christmas dinners but at lunch. Which may be why we have the confusion of calling it a Christmas dinner yet serve it at lunch.


While turkey at Christmas became widespread throughout the 17th century, it also became common to serve goose which remained the predominant roast until the Victorian times.

The first records of the working classes saving up for Christmas dinner is recorded and "Goose "Clubs" were set up, allowing families to save up over the year so they could put goose on their Christmas menus.

Your Monro Christmas menus have lots of options for you to choose from and are available from Thursday 14th November.

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Enjoy your Christmas Menu at The Monro in Liverpool. 

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3 Course Cooked from FRESH - Set Christmas Menu 29.95pp



The Monro Christmas Menu

Your fantastic all new Christmas Menu has arrived and we're the only venue in Liverpool to feature in this year's AA Good Pub Guide! 

  Explore all of your mouthwatering, cooked from fresh dishes and book by giving us a call on 0151 707 9933!

  Only 29.95pp for 3 cooked from fresh courses!


Roast parsnip soup, fresh bread, flavoured butter

This is a winter classic that's never off the menu at Christmas, because it tastes so good! Served with crusty bread and a flavoured butter to add to the festive theme. Vegan and GF options available too.

Chicken liver pâté with orange & cognac

This little delight is extra special during the festive period, a traditional favourite with French cognac.  We add a little seasonal nutmeg, the cognac of course, and fruity orange, which gives it just a hint of sweetness that sets the whole thing off beautifully!


Salmon & prawn terrine

Delicious fresh salmon and prawns with cream cheese and added herbs, makes for a deliciously light and fresh way to starter your Christmas meal. Once we've added a little lemon oil, confit of lemon and fresh bread, your flavour bomb is ready to erupt!

Santorini "hummus" & chorizo

Santorini “Hummus” - but made from split peas, it’s an authentic recipe from the famous island, and has a smooth, velvety texture, 
Complimented witth truffle oil & crispy chorizo.

(Skip the chorizo if you want a vegan version).

Marinated beetroot with goats cheese

This sophisticated beetroot salad is as special as it is delicious.  It's a lighter choice and that means you won't get that feeling of having over eaten towards the end of your meal. What makes your salad unique is our spicy pesto dressing.  It's simply delicious.





Normandy Cod with Fruits de la mer

We trialled this in the restaurant and it instantly sold out and widely talked about! We take fresh cod, roll it into a paupiette, and add prawns, calamari and mussels. The whole lot is then finished in white wine. An exceptional dish that will not disappoint, but we aware that we cannot make substitutions with this dish.

7 Mushroom Medley

This enticing dish is a creamy mushroom medley of oyster, morel, porcini, chitake, portobello and more. Not only do we put in 7 different types of mushrooms, we then cook them 4 different ways! Think creamy risotto but made with gluten free and vegan friendly orzo. You'll love it! Vegetarian versions contain tangy Parmesan cheese. Vegan versions served without and if available vegan cheese.



Monro's Turkey Roast with the trimmings

The absolute Christmas classic that evokes memories of childhood and family. What can we say apart from, we'll make sure your turkey is deliciously moist. We even make our own gravy, which will be served on your delicious roast. We'll serve your roast with rosemary roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, chestnuts, seasonal vegetables and a sage & apricot stuffing.

Monro's 8hr Cumbrian lamb shank roast

Yes you read that right, it takes a staggering 8 hours to cook your Cumbrian lamb shanks, so that the meat melts off the bone! Your lamb shank will be served with rosemary, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, chestnuts and seasonal vegetables. Your gravy, which we make ourselves, will be served over your delicious Lamb. Your 8 hour lamb shank is +£5 and well worth it!

Roast Cumbrian Beef

We'll roast your Cumbrian beef to perfection! Served medium*, you'll enjoy your beef in our rich homemade gravy, which we will serve on your plate, along with your heavenly fondant potatoes. You'll also get your seasonal vegetables and Christmassy chestnuts!


* Our medium beef means your beef could be pinkish to brown, but with no blood. Try us this Sunday to see what we mean!

Or choose our 7 mushroom & wine sauce, instead of gravy  +2.95




We've even invented a special pudding for you to try, plus you can enjoy exciting versions of your favourite classics. Feast your eyes on your choices. You may find it difficult to decide!


Classic sticky toffee pudding

Trying our sticky toffee pudding will make your life difficult because you'll be comparing ours with all the others forever more!


Creamy Walnut Wonderland

We've made this sensational nutty dessert that is neither a cake nor a mousse. Just think, soft, creamy, cake like but not quite. Delicious!


Chocolate Salami

It's definitely chocolate, yet it's definitely a kind of salami! It sure looks like one but rest assured, yours is made with hazelnuts, almonds and of course chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. A favourite of Nigella Lawson too!

Deconstructed Black Forest gâteau

Explore all of your favourite flavours around your plate as they've been taken deconstructed to bring out the adventurer in you. 

Rhubarb & Orange Crème with Ginger Crumbles

A delicious light dessert, that’s also gluten free.  We take poached rhubarb and pair it with a zesty orange creme.  With a sprinkle of spiced ginger crumbles you have a wonderful dessert of amazing flavours and textures.

Also available as GF, Vegan & GF Vegan


This year, we may experience supplier problems of our fresh produce. We have no idea what the import situation will be and the knock on effect on our domestic suppliers.  As a result we may have to change or withdraw dishes and this may be at short notice.  We will always notify the organiser should this happen.

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