Enjoy the best cocktails Liverpool has to offer.

Because we make the cocktails you want.

The Monro is not the obvious choice for enjoying cocktails. However with a leading edge selection of premium spirits, we're on a mission to serve you the best cocktails Liverpool has to offer.


The best part?  

We're fun to be around & great value!

The Monro, just down from Liverpool One has an expert team of mixoligists. If you're looking for a quality cocktail bar Liverpool has - you've found it!  


We are determined to make you the best cocktail Liverpool has to offer.  

We're in the city centre yet cheaper than other venues.

You have ever changing cocktail events like Mai Tai Month to choose from and a new cocktail list that's secret and only available to view at The Monro.


We can even create your very own.  Just tell us your favourite flavours and let us create a personalised cocktail just for you!

Cocktail Menu
Pink gin cocktail
cocktail with slice of lemon

Absolut Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry, fresh lime

Le Latin
Bacardi Superior, Chenin Blan, fresh lemon, caster sugar, olive

Valencia Royale
Apricot brandy, orange juice, orange bitters, champagne

Whiskey Sours
Elijah Craig bourbon, egg whites, fresh lemon

Raspberry Dacquiri
Fresh raspberries, Pampero blanco, fresh lime & ginger

Premium Spirit Cocktails

All £6.95


Fig & Almond Caipirinha
Velho Barreiro Cachaca, Almond Essence, Fig Jam & Fresh Lime.

Strawberry Pisco Sours
Pisco, Fraise, Peychard’s Bitters, Mozart Chocolate Bitters & Egg Whites.

Pear & Mint Daiquiri
Pampero Blanco, Xante, Mint & Fresh Lime.

White Sangria
Tanqueray, Chenin Blanc, Apple Juice, Almond Syrup & Fresh Lemon.

Fizzy Green Tipple
Pampero Ron Anejo, Poire Williams, Cointreau, Mint, Fresh Lime & Bitter Lemon.  

Refreshing sangria cocktail
Plus all your old favourites...