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We're always transparent about the way we do business, because we wouldn't last very long if we weren't!

That means we run regular promotions with a start date and end date.

There are numerous ways you may discover the deals, be it by email, social media, on the website or via a friend.

The question that's most common is how long ahead can I book to get the deal at the "advertised price", The simple answer to that is that if you book in after the deal has finished you are not "entitled" to that deal.

Not many people would insist Tesco honoured a deal after it had ended...

We are a small business, trying to survive AND do the right thing. To book a table a week, a month or even two months ahead and expect to pay the deal price or even "old prices" is not only unfair, it's wrong. Especially with inflation hitting all our pockets.

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Finally when anyone books with us, you are bound by our terms and conditions regarding deals.


They're not weird or onerous, just that deals will be honoured within the defined dates but in exceptional circumstances they could be withdrawn at any time. Guess what though? No deal has ever been withdrawn. Ever! 


Of course in those terms we add the usual "cannot be used with any other offer" and cover other things, like being nice and trying to arrive on time.


The usual good stuff that allows our whole society to get along.

We advertise widely the terms of the deals on social media:

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And on our website:

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