Your dietary requirements at The Monro.

In brief.


Most of your dietary requirements whether they're lifestyle choices, medical or religious, can be more than ably met by our kitchen team.


What we cannot do is guarantee that there isn't any cross contamination e.g. a peanut may get into a dish by accident no matter what procedures we have in place.  For those suffering a chronic food allergy this can be very serious and is quite different from a food intolerance which may cause discomfort but won't be life threatening.



We cater for:


  • Coeliac Disease/Gluten Free

  • Vegetarian & Vegan

  • Diabetic

  • Religious requirements



We can advise on food allergens:


An allergic reaction to a food can be mild such as mouth irritation or a more severe reaction known as anaphylactic shock which can potentially be life threatening.


Although food allergies only affect a small number of people it is vital that if you suffer from any food allergy that you let us know before your visit.


Food intolerance occurs when the body is unable to digest a particular food properly. It is not the same as a food allergy because the immune system is not involved.


The main allergen groups are:


  • nuts

  • sesame

  • fish

  • crustacea

  • molluscs

  • egg

  • milk

  • soya

  • cereals containing gluten

  • mustard

  • celery

  • sulphites

  • lupin.




Enquire about dietary requirements

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