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From 12pm - 9:30pm Wednesday to Sunday

(The above times are the available times you can book your table)

General opening times:

Wednesday to Sunday from 12pm - 11pm

We also have these menus & allergen information:

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You get all this in your Souvlaki 



There is evidence that souvlaki existed in Greece as early as the 17th Century BCE. 
Stone tools similar to modern-day barbecue skewers have been found on the island of Santorini, which provides proof that spit-roasted meat has been enjoyed by Greeks for hundreds of years.



Souvlaki is a substantial meal within a tasty bread wrap. The wrap is soft and thick and is not the same as pitta or tortilla.


Our wraps are imported from Greece and are 100% the real deal.


Your wrap meal can be enjoyed in the hands or eaten from a plate.


Your wrap meal contains:


1. Your choice of main filling such as marinated chicken

2. Two of our unique homemade secret sauces

3. Homemade tzatziki, which is a refreshing, creamy cucumber based dip

4. Shredded salad and tomatoes

5. What makes souvlaki unique is that fries are placed within in it

It's a complete all in one meal that is great value and fun to eat.



Grilled Chicken - Marinated chicken, gently seared and grilled
Skewered Lamb - Minced lamb with secret herbs & spices
Vegan Chicken - Our homemade vegan chicken will amaze you

Aegean Falafel - Tasty falafel bites in our gorgeous souvlaki

Fried Halloumi - traditionally hand floured and deep fried halloumi


Traditional - Exactly like Greece, but we add our secret sauce. Literally.
7” Deep Sandwich - Innovative sandwich style souvlaki with pitta top and bottom



Grilled Chicken ...........    8.90 

Skewered Lamb .........     9.20
Vegan Chicken ..........     9.10

Aegean Falafel ...........  8.70

Fried Halloumi ........... 8.90



Grilled Chicken  ...........     11.20
Skewered Lamb  .........     12.10
Vegan Chicken  ...........  11.60

Aegean Falafel ........ 11.10

Fried Halloumi ........... 11.20




Small plates to pick, to share, to start

Marinated olives 

Olives steeped in marinade of garlic, herbs, bay & lemon.3.50

Attica Tzatziki

Made fresh by us, super creamy Greek yoghurt & macerated cucumber dip. This recipe is from Attica rather than Cyprus and that means we don't use dill  4.50

Attica Vegan Tzatziki

Made fresh by us, this popular, refreshing cucumber and vegan yoghurt dip is popular with our vegan friends  4.50


Honeyed Greek sausage with croûtons

This sausage is the real deal and we pan fry it in our own single estate, olive oil from our own olive groves near Prygos in Greece. We add a little honey and crunchy croutons to finish  5.20

Spicy feta dip 

Tirokafteri is an irresistibly delicious, roasted red pepper cheese dip. We make it to our own exacting standards.  Authentically smooth with a spicy kick  4.60

Homemade Aegean Falafel & pomegranate

Light & fluffy we love making these precious balls of insane herby flavour.  The sweetness of the pomegranate compliments the earthy tones of the falafel perfectly  6.90

Spanakopita - Spinach pasties 

Eaten by almost every Greek every day. Spinach and feta pasties all lovingly wrapped in filo pastry (x3)  6.50

Triple Cheese Tiropitakia

Tiropitakia are perfect at anytime of the day. These mouth-watering filo pasties are made with three different creamy cheeses to achieve the heavenly balance between creamy and tangy, all surrounded in crisp filo (x3) 6.50

Santorini Hummus 

Our hummus is different to anything you've tasted before, super smooth authentic island recipe that people are going wild about online 4.60

Horiatiki  - Greek salad

Literally meaning "Rural" salad, Horiatiki is presented to you as we make it in our Greek homes. Cucumber, onions, tomatoes, topped off with a slab of real feta and drizzled with our single estate, home grown olive oil  5.50

Hand cut calamari +2

We take the squid and carefully slice it ourselves into bitesize pieces. We then hand flour it with our specially seasoned flour and present them with lemon and home-made aioli  8.50

Chili & garlic prawns +2

Beautiful king prawns are chopped and gently pan fried  8.25


Like the calamari, we take the raw ingredient - the undressed fish and hand flour it ourselves to our own recipe. It makes for superior whitebait  7.25

Dolmades - Stuffed vine leaves 

Delicious bite size bundles of delicious seasoned, rice cooked in herbs & spices and wrapped with vine leaves and a little olive oil  7.95

Solomós fishcake

Homemade chunky croquettes of super light salmon, potato, herbs and spices, presented with a garlic dip and lemon  6.50

Greek fries

Seasoned fries, light, delicious, more ish...!  3.95

Dipping Pita - We recommend at least one to share if getting dips 

Imported Greek pita that's the real deal, pan seared and seasoned to order.  1.00



Classic Monro's Fish & Chips with mushy peas and chunky chips  11.90


Classic Burgers - choice of beef, chicken, halloumi, fish  11.50
Served with chunky chips, beef burger has homemade burger sauce, cheese & bacon, fish has tartar Chicken fillet burger has homemade burger sauce and cheese

This section will be added to in the autumn

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Your Loaded Fries are naturally gluten free and make for a spectacular meal. Choose your filling and you'll also get our two signature sauces, salad, and tomatoes all loaded onto a bed of our special fries.

Grilled Chicken  ...........    8.70

Skewered Lamb  .........     9.10

Vegan Chicken  ...........  8.90

Aegean Falafel ............ 8.60

Fried Halloumi ........... 8.70

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Important pricing information: The menus provided are to help you decide to book your table.

That means prices could change between now and when you dine with us. Therefore this menu is for guidance only. The menu that is published in the restaurant on the day you dine with us, is the only menu you can use to advise you of price.


Do not use any menu on this website, either as a PDF or on a web page as a guarantee of price. It is not.

Prices of core ingredients like sunflower oil, lamb, butter and cheese are increasing all the time.

Some of this is inflationary, some is because of the war in Ukraine.

For the latest prices always refer to the menu in the restaurant. There will be a delay when the website and PDFs are updated so they cannot be relied upon to show changes in prices.

We reserve the right to withdraw dishes and/or change the prices at anytime because we cannot produce meals for you and sell them at a loss.

We are doing everything we can using our expertise to bring you great flavours, great meals and great times, while these challenges begin to bite.

For larger groups please call please call 0151 707 9933 because the online system is unable to allocate tables for larger tables.

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