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What do I get?

You get 2 Courses including a drink for ONLY 14.95!


When can I get it?

Lunch AND dinner Wed & Thur, plus Friday lunch.

Until Saturday 28th May

What menu is it?

Choose 2 courses from our main menu.

Portions will be smaller and 4 dishes have a supplement.

E.g. DD+3 means Daffodil Deal supplement on that dish would be +£3

How much again?

ONLY £14.95!

With a drink?

YES! Wine, beer or soft drink

How do I book?

Tap the button or scroll down!

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Wednesday to Saturday 12 - 2:30pm, 5 - 8:45pm

The above times are the available times you can book your table


Welsh Rarebit

Traditional cave aged Cheddar, with a stout & blonde beer mustard  7.25

Breaded Brie & Grape - Panko coated 
Panko coated Brie, topped with a cheesy mousse, featuring a grape marmalade and truffle oil 7.55

Souper Soup

Souper Soup - Made daily, super fresh and  complimented with bread roll & butter (Ask for GF/Vegan) 4.50

Classic piquant prawn cocktail

Atlantic cold water prawns, lettuce leaf and the real magic, the sauce itself. Our homemade sauce whilst mild has a noticeable back kick with a deliciously soft mouth-feel 7.25  GF

Terrine Of Wild Boar & Game

A luxurious terrine of Wild Boar shank, venison, duck  & pork, Served with pickled gherkins, crusty bread and butter (Ask for GF) 7.95  

Lamb filo parcels

Mediterranean lamb, lovingly wrapped in filo pastry and presented with a fresh mint yoghurt 

Fishing Boat Calamari

Heavenly calamari is cooked as a stew, with smoky aubergine invoking flavours of island harbours, of the south Mediterranean Sea 7.25

Greek Hummus

An authentic recipe from Greece, with a smooth, velvety texture, to spread on your fluffy Greek pitta

(Add Chorizo +1)  7.25

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Trio of Bala Lake Welsh Lamb Chops     
simply served with seasonal vegetables, creamy mash, rich gravy DD+6 22.95 


6HR Sheared Shank of Beef

A unique   cut of beef shank, slowly cooked in  Mediterranean herbs, wine & glazed tomato sauce, on a bed of orzo pasta DD+4  16.95


Chunky Ruthin Pork Chop

With a Welsh rarebit gratin, complimented with  apple “dauphinoise” potato     14.95


“Cumberland” sausage & Mash
 The classic  flavours of the Cumberland sausage, created with Denbighshire Welsh pork   13.95


Welsh Lamb Burger

Topped with  whipped goats cheese with a hint of spring mint  14.95 

Welsh chicken pie

Deep filled with chunks of marinated chicken, we then add inspiration from Wales with leek, bacon, wine & cream 14.95 

IPA Steak and ale pie

A firm favourite from England comes this mouth watering steak and ale pie.  You'll get tender beef chunks, slow cooked in our special pale ale, for a rich and deep tasting pie 14.95   

Scouse pie

Liverpool’s favourite dish as a pie! Slow cooked lamb, potato, rich gravy 14.95 

Lamb Scouse

The traditional dish of Liverpool that now has a worldwide following.  Tender chunks of lamb are slowly cooked with potatoes and carrots, and bound in thick casserole sauce that's ready to be dipped with your crusty bread. Vibrant red cabbage is served on the side 13.50 GF  (DD+4)

Monro's 8hr Welsh lamb shank roast

Yes you read that right, it takes a staggering 8 hours to cook your Cumbrian lamb shanks, so that the meat melts off the bone! Your lamb shank will be served with creamy mashed potato and crispy kale. Your gravy, which we make ourselves, will be served over your delicious Lamb 16.95 GF  (DD+6)

Sri Lankan Curry

This one is for true curry aficionados! It is spicy, yet infused with peanuts and delicious flavours 13.95

Comes with flavoured rice, bhaji & flat bread
Choose chicken, vegan vegetable, vegan tofu - ask for gf

Classic Fish & Chips

The British classic, done brilliantly. And not messed around with! Served with mushy peas 13.95

​Malaysian Sea Village Cod Loin

Gentle flakes of cod, king prawns, pak choi, light soba noodles. Aisan perfection. In a bowl 18.95   (DD+6)



​Homemade Classic - 100% beef, lettuce, tomato and our homemade burger sauce 13.95


Chicken Fillet Breast  - Chicken fillet breast, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato & mayo   13.50 

Fish & Chip Tower - A tower of our wonderfully battered fish, tartar sauce, mushy peas   13.50

Halloumi & Spicy Aubergine Burger - Halloumi “pattie” with a spicy red sauce and aubergine!  13.25


Pollo Bianco - Chunks of chicken, white wine & cream  13.50


Scouse Pasta  - The Liverpool classic as a delicious and memorable pasta!  13.95 

Vino Rosso Bolognese - Slow cooked beef in red wine, rich tomato sauce   13.50

Neopolitan - The ultimate Italian classic    10.50

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FOOD SERVING days & times

Food Times:


Wednesday to Saturday 12 - 2:30pm, 5 - 8:45pm

Sunday all day - 12pm - 6:30pm

The above times are the available times you can book your table

it's quick & easy to book online
for larger tables call us on 0151 707 9933 or email)

Important pricing information: The menus provided are to help you decide to book your table.

That means prices could change between now and when you dine with us. Therefore this menu is for guidance only. The menu that is published in the restaurant on the day you dine with us, is the only menu you can use to advise you of price.


Do not use any menu on this website, either as a PDF or on a web page as a guarantee of price. It is not.

Prices of core ingredients like sunflower oil, lamb, butter and cheese are increasing all the time.

Some of this is inflationary, some is because of the war in Ukraine.

For the latest prices always refer to the menu in the restaurant. There will be a delay when the website and PDFs are updated so they cannot be relied upon to show changes in prices.

We reserve the right to withdraw dishes and/or change the prices at anytime because we cannot produce meals for you and sell them at a loss.

We are doing everything we can using our expertise to bring you great flavours, great meals and great times, while these challenges begin to bite.

For larger groups please call please call 0151 707 9933 because the online system is unable to allocate tables for larger tables.

Or send us an email