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Ghostly girl in the beer cellar

Ghosts at The Monro.

It's believed that there are many ghosts in Liverpool and The Monro has its fair share. Built in 1745, with a rich and sometimes dubious history, it's no wonder that both staff and customers have had numerous encounters with the pub ghosts.



Monro ghost activity.


The in your face door slam: The owner recalls how he was in a disused part of the pub. In fact it's the oldest part.


He was unpacking some boxes and for no reason as he was about to leave the room, the door slammed shut right in front of his face with such force it rattled in its frame. [Location: rooms above main restaurant]


The striding steps:  While arranging some new candles in the Blue Room on the first floor. Will Lyons moved to the corner of the room to place more candles on another table. Where he had just been, a candle was pushed off the table. Immediately, right in front of him heard 5 strong footsteps that went across the floor. Will described it as "one of the most bizzare experiences of my life.  The candle flying off the table was shocking enough but I could not only hear the footsteps in front of me, I felt the vibration through the floor boards as the ghost or whatever it was stomped away". [Location: The Blue Room, part of the David William Suite]



The Skipping Girl:  This pub ghost was observed by a member of staff and a customer.  Four years apart.


In fact the elderly lady left the restaurant because she saw a girl in a petticoat skipping past her. The customer later said "I thought she was so cute, until she skipped right past me and through the wall".  


This observation is interesting because 4 years before that a former manager had heard somebody skipping and went to investigate but didn't find anything or anyone. [Location: Main restaurant]


The ghost that uses the wrong toilet: A lady was walking into the ladies toilet and she was shocked when a guy in bell bottoms came out.  She followed him but he disappeared by the time she got to the bar. She informed a member of staff that a guy was in the ladies toilet.  


What you may not know is that we swapped the gents and the ladies toilets around a few years ago but nobody had told the old sailor ghost! [Location: Ladies (was the gent's) toilet]



A list of more ghost observations:


  • Coffee cups swiped off bar

  • Staff struggling to put up a tressle table roundly told by the ghost "get the [mumble] table up"

  • Window closing, slowly and deliberatley in the David William Suite as if by someone's hand,

  • Cellar door slamming shut as staff member tried to leave.

  • Kitchen first aid kit thrown off the wall in view of chef.

  • Figure at the end of the bar.

  • Lights going off in various locations.

  • Kiss on stairs.

  • Staff being touched in the cellar or breathed on.

  • Whispering in the cellar.

  • Cellar door closing, slowly and with force despite a 10L paint tub holding it open.


[Photos used on this page are from a Halloween event and are not actual ghosts. Just saying in case somebody emails in...]




Evidence for ghosts.


Pete the Poltergeist was witnessed by police officers, insurance officials, academics and a priest in Cardiff.


The famous Enfield Hauntings was also witness by WPC Carolyn Heeps, reported witnessing "a chair rise up and move across the floor on its own, in full view of everyone".  


Remember the Bishop of Liverpool David Shepherd ?  He established and sat on the churches Exorcism Panel.


The Reverend David Gait based in Widnes is your local exorcist by the way if you need help in any way.  This is serious.


Ghost of a young girt lit by candlelight

An unoccupied area of The Monro located on the first floor.

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