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Our food philosophy is your philosophy.

Working towards a Green & Sustainable Monro.

GREEN & SUSTAINABLE - What it means in practice.


There are two parts to this:


1.  Being as green and sustainable as possible within our business.

2.  Using green and sustainable ingredients, products and supplies.



A Green & Sustainable Business


  • Mad on recvcling from oil to glass to cardboard.

  • We hate waste - especially food waste.

  • We've partnered with expert, local family firm B&M to help us.

  • Founding signatory to Sustainble Fish City.

  • Members of Slow Food - not about eating slow but a more holistic approach to how we source and produce food.

  • Full LED/Low energy lighting throughout.

  • First to charge for straws that go straight to landfill.

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Local & Independent = Sustaining local people.

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Above all else, The Monro is locally owned and employs local people.  
As it's not a chain, it has no head office so the money you spend stays in Liverpool.

LOCAL & INDEPENDENT - What it means in practice.


  • The Monro is owned by locals who live in the city centre

  • They employ local people

  • The money the team are paid is spent locally

  • When you spend money at The Monro your money stays local

  • Your money goes to Ann the cleaner and not a national cleaning company

  • Your money goes to Paul on the Wirral who files our accounts

  • Your money goes to Sugar & Lime, run by two local lads that supply our barware and cleaning products

  • We don't have a head office - your money stays in Liverpool

  • We don't have a tax haven

  • We pay more tax to the UK than Facebook....


Assparagus and bean salad

All natural products.

No chemical nasties. No factory kitchens

ALL NATURAL PRODUCTS - what it means in practice.


We buy untouched, fresh ingredients. It's labour intensive and highly skilled.  That's the reason some places fake it.


Large chains centralise their cooking in factory kitchens.  If Gordon Ramsay's doing it, then it's clear this system of food preparation is rife.  We don't believe it's ethical. We don't believe it's what you want to pay for and that's why we cook from fresh. Guaranteed.


  • We don't buy cheap meat from Argentina

  • We buy British beef, lamb, pork and chicken.

  • Your meat will be bought locally  - the uplands of Lancashire and the Lakes or the rich pastures of Cheshire is what we mean by local. It won't be from Kent. It won't be from South America.

  • We'll buy wild fish as opposed to farmed fish. It's more expensive, it will be smaller as farmed fish don't swim the distances of wild fish.  You'll love the flavour and texture of wild fish.

  • Our chicken will taste like chicken as it'll be ethically sourced.  It can be an eye-opener for some who are only used to supermarket chicken.

  • We care about welfare. Really care.  We source from Britain and let's be proud of our high standards of animal welfare. The animals will be killed humanely, instantly and won't be kicked or beaten along the way.

  • If all of this matters to you as it does to us then The Monro is for you. 


We will genuinely cook your food from fresh but some people do things better than us so, here's a list of somethings we may bring in from expert producers:

  • We ask our butcher to roll your Sunday Chicken and make the stuffing to our recipe

  • We ask our butcher to make our sausages but we make our own burgers

  • While we makes some bread, specialist ciabattas, wraps, bhajis, pittas and naan breads we do not make.  But we will make all the dips that go with them.

  • Sometimes we'll make ice cream but most of it is from premium trade brands

  • Brownies, desserts etc we will make ourselves

  • So to sum up, a more than substantive part of your meal is cooked from fresh

As you can see, because we cook from fresh it helps both the environment, more UK suppliers as opposed to factory food made elsewhere.  If that matters to you, then choose The Monro!





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