Liverpool dining - the latest trends

South American flavours gaining ground.

New openings ensure the Liverpool dining scenes continues to expand at a breathtaking speed.  

Remember the last fad of pulled pork? Looks as though we're heading to the Andes for inspiration and it's no bad thing.

The local chains such as Bistro Qui/Franc etc are branching out to Peruvian food which will be interesting. Expanding Liverpool's love of Spanish tapas, their new restaurant Chica is not a big leap for the customer to try South American cuisine with it's obvious and delicious Spanish influences.

Chica restaurant frontage
Manager of Santa Maluco

Bryn Jones, operations manager, and Matt Farrell, director, of Graffiti Spirits

Liverpool dining is changing again from North American to South American cuisine...

Santa Maluco, owned by local chain operators The Grafitti Spirits Group (famous for their brilliant Santa Chupitos!). 

Their new venue is right next to the town hall and delivers Brazilian style pizzas.  It's unashamed fusion food that comes from a hand built wood fired oven.  

There are so many restaurants in Liverpool dining uniqueness is becoming impossible.


However these guys have done it.  When you're next dining in Liverpool give them a try.  They serve a great Pinot Noir as well!

Interior of pop restaurant "Finca"

Chef and co-founder Daniel Heffy, of Finca, says: “We’ve all visited Cuba numerous times over the years and wanted to serve up the country’s delicious street eats over here". Cuban is not really South American but it may as well be with it's long cultural associations with Venezaula.

Finca is a 7 month pop up and is a reason why Liverpool dining is so great - it's innovative, fun and unique.

Finca will also host one off food events throughout the summer months at the Botanical Gin Garden.

"There has been an explosion in the Liverpool dining scene lately offering extensive dining options in Liverpool city centre."

Where does The Monro fit into the latest Liverpool dining trends?

Canape and buffet food at The Monro

The Monro has no problem re-inventing itself.  We do that as the seasons change and we are nimble on our feet with regularly changing menus and seasonal specials created daily.


People love trying new places and were no different! The two former merchants homes, dating from 1745 that make up The Monro, our long history (pulling pints since 1815) still make us a unique Liverpool dining experience.


A fresh new look for 2016 means we never tire of striving to be one of the best restuarants in Liverpool. 

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Group of bar drinkers

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