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Here's why Ethos at The Monro is your very own Love Island.

Updated: Jul 17

As you already know, our ever-changing specials menu takes inspiration from Greek Mythology's Food of the Gods.

It's my fresh, delicious way of keeping things interesting with new drinks and dishes. And it lets you mix things up a bit each time you visit Ethos at The Monro.

This time, as we set sail for a glorious summer, our mythological menu muse comes from my favourite Greek God, Pan. Who enjoyed nothing more than having a good time.

Especially when it came to pulling nymphs for a chat, like an ancient Love Island contestant. As you'll see!

But the main reason I'm fond of Pan is because he's got good banter. So it was no surprise when old pug-nose recently appeared before me at Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight.

There I was, wandering amongst one of Europe's most stunning collections of fine art when I saw him amongst the busts and sculptures. Grinning. Inviting me to take a closer look.

A marble bust of the Greek God, Pan. Pan is horned, ugly and smiling. He's wearing a necktie made from goat feet.

Weird-looking, isn't he? But I couldn't help but be drawn to him. Feeling he wanted to pull me for a chat, I leaned forward to drink him in.

Then I notice this beneath his cloven necktie.

A close up of a marble bust of Pan. Below the sculpture is a Do Not Touch sign. The bust carries the inscription EDE

No, not the do not touch sign. The inscription. It reads EDE. LUDE. BIBE.

It translates as EAT. PLAY. DRINK.

Thank you, Pan! There's inspiration in those mischievous eyes! But what if we say

EAT. DRINK. PLAY. instead? What better motto could there be for Summer at Ethos?


It's the perfect description of what I've lined up for you!

So, with Pan as your mascot and a trip to Greece as the catalyst for fun in the sun, I'm adding FIVE new SUMMER cocktails to the menu.

Exclusively for's the first two...Aegean Cosmo and the Mykonos Mai Tai.

To enjoy in your Cycladic garden!

That's five more reasons to Get Away to Ethos and EAT. DRINK. PLAY. this Summer.

Still want more?

Then read on, great traveller, to see why Ethos at The Monro is your very own Love Island...


Full length marble statue of Pan teaching the shepherd Daphnis, to play his pan flute

I'm claiming him for Summer, but Pan is usually associated with Spring. A fertility deity and ruler of nature, his equivalent in Roman Mythology is Faunus.

Which is where we get the word fornication...

And, believe me, Pan enjoys nothing more than a chance to fornicate.

But being half-human, half-goat, he's not exactly a head-turner, so getting up close and personal with nymphs is hard graft. There'll be more on that later.

He ruled over shepherds, hunters and rustic music, and his name comes from the shortening of Paon, meaning pasturer.

However, some scholars say his name is linked to the word pan, meaning 'all'.

In that sense, you could say that Bottomless at Ethos is Pan-inclusive.

Because you can get all this and everybody's welcome, from satyrs to sirens.

But let's get back to the story.


An idyllic waterfront scene from a Greek island with crystal blue waters and villas inn the distance

Living in a time before boxsets, the Ancient Greeks created their own reality TV shows in the form of Mythology. And, like any social-media shaping series, the storylines revolved around who was doing who.

Think of it as an ancient form of Love Island. Only instead of Mallorca, it's on Mount Olympus. And everyone's got superpowers. Then it's no surprise that Pan's birth could have resulted from a sex scandal between his Mother, Penelope, and all the fellas that thought she was fit.

Whatever story you believe, Pan would eventually come to rule Arcadia, a paradise on Earth. It was harmonious and unspoiled, like the islands of Greece or the Garden of Ethos.

A beautiful, small beer garden. Painted white and blur with fairy lights hanging
Your Cycladic Garden at Ethos

But despite featuring heavily in art and literature, Pan is not considered a major god of Greek Mythology. However, he is considered one of the oldest.

Similar to The Monro, one of Liverpool's oldest pubs.


Mask of the god Pan, detail from a bronze stamnoid situla, 340–320 BC, part of the Vassil Bojkov Collection, Sofia, Bulgaria

By reading this far, you've shown that you've got the stamina of the mighty Pan, who could run for days and was impossible to injure. Like Mo Salah.

As well as being able to go all night, Pan could transform objects into different forms and teleport. He was also powerful, shrewd and wonderfully witty. But he was still always being pied by those nymphs.

I'll tell you a story about that in a moment.

But firstly, if you want to be canny like Pan, check out this Magnificent Meze Deal. It'll save you a few quid when you couple up to EAT. DRINK. PLAY. this Summer.


An artistic impression of Pan, sitting amongst reeds never a river bank, playing his flute.

For all his impressive talents, the wood-nymphs still did their best to give Pan the swerve.

So when he chased the beautiful Syrinx around the woods, her fellow Goddesses disguised her as a river reed, hiding her from his lusty gaze.

In the same way you'd hide your love interest from the new bombshell at Casa Amor.

Anyway, as the breeze blows through the reeds, they release a beautiful melody. Unable to work out which reed is Syrinx, Pan strikes down several of them. Before lining them up to make his infamous musical instrument, the pan flute.

Love music as much as Pan? Head to The Monro every Friday for Ethos FM.


Two ladies and a dog enjoying the beer at Ethos

One final Pan nugget before you I let you get away.

Legend has it that our deity once screamed so loudly during a battle that the enemy got frightened and ran for the hills. We now refer to this sudden, uncontrollable feeling of fear as 'panic'. Top fact, eh?

But there's no need for you to panic. Because, as you know, Pan's main vibe was to EAT. DRINK. PLAY. He lived life to the fullest.

And when you Get Away to Ethos this Summer, you'll be living your best life too.

See you soon,


P.S. Check out these reviews from happy customers to see why Ethos is the place to EAT. DRINK. PLAY all summer.

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