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Ethos - Your Greek Restaurant in Liverpool

Updated: Aug 29

Are you searching for a Greek restaurant in Liverpool that will make you say, "Opa!"?

You're in the right place!

Set inside the cosy, intimate ambience of a traditional British pub, The Monro, Ethos is the closest you'll get to a Greek taverna on this side of the Mersey and the Mediterranean.

Fancy a pint yet yearn for the islands of Greece, with its brilliant blue waters and delicious food packed with healthy greens, wild herbs, and scintillating citrus?

Offering the tastiest traditional and experimental Greek cuisine in Liverpool, our menu features classic dishes from succulent prawns, deep-filled moussaka, the classic souvlaki, spanakopita and more. Much more.

And when you try our ever-changing seasonal specials, you'll see why Ethos is one of the best Greek restaurants in Liverpool City Centre.

We use only the freshest ingredients available, meaning our dishes are bursting with fresh, fragrant herbs, savoury spices, tangy lemon juice, and the star of the show, olive oil. Sourced from our own single-estate olive oil from groves near Prygos in Greece, it's so good; it really is liquid gold.

Whatever your dietary needs, we've got your back.

Vegetarian and vegan diners can order heavenly dishes like our crisp and crunchy spanakopita (spinach pie), dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) and the deceptively simple yet intriguing Greek salad. Of course, you'll get vegan cheese too.

Gluten-free diners can feast on grilled meats, seafood, and roasted vegetables, so we've got everyone covered.

Plus, daily deals such as the city's best-loved Bottomless and your 3 for £14.95 meze deal that includes your first drink FREE! This makes us the go-to Greek restaurant in Liverpool for those looking for the best value when they eat out.

And let's not forget about our warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Ethos is all about hospitality; that's why our fabulous, hard-working team will make you and those you are with feel part of the family. So, whether you're looking for a quick bite at the bar or a sit-down meal in our beautiful dining space, you'll be right at home.

Fancy some time in the sun? Your Cycladic garden is a stunning, sustainable sanctuary to while away a summer's day. Bursting with flowers and Mediterranean shrubs, you may even spot our chefs picking fresh herbs for your dish.

So, experience Ethos today and taste the difference for yourself. We promise you'll agree it's the best Greek food in Liverpool.

Find out more about our history here.

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