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What's On in Liverpool this June

Updated: Jun 27

After a truly magnificent May in Liverpool, when the city came together to put on the most incredible show Eurovision has ever seen, we're ready to jump into June and get Summer started.

As always, there are plenty of things to see and do in Liverpool this month.

Here are my top picks for What's On in Liverpool this June, as well as what's going down at The Monro.

The Buzz of The Biennial

One of my favourite events returns this month as the 12th edition of the Liverpool Biennial brings contemporary art to life across the city.

This time, the theme is uMoya: The Sacred Return of Lost Things.

I hope this means one of the installations will be about returning a wallet I lost during a day drinking session in town ten years ago, but I'm not holding my breath.

Anyway, the spectacular spectacle takes place at different locations in Liverpool from Saturday, June 10th to Sunday, September 17th, as more than 30 international artists and collectives take over historic buildings, art galleries and unexpected spaces.

Who knows, maybe they'll turn up in your living room.

The Biennial brings a programme of free exhibitions, performances, community events, and loads more.

And whether you're arty or not, the Biennial routes are a fantastic way to take in the sights of our beautiful city.

Keep an eye out for the ancestral memory and contemporary experience at Victoria Gallery & Museum. It's only a 5-minute walk from The Monro, so you can pop in for a pint or a bite on your travels.

Visit for all the details.

Scouse in the House

On The Waterfront is a four-day music event that could easily have been called ScouseFest.

The festival features two sold-out gigs from 110's aficionado and archetypal Liverpudlian Jamie Webster on June 29th & 30th.

I expect this to be much debated, but, in my opinion, his song 'This Place' is the most terrific tune ever written about the city.

Also performing On The Waterfront on July 1st is Camelphat - made up of Liverpool dance duo Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala - whilst July 2nd will see James, The Coral and Red Rum Club all take to the stage.

It's set to be a massive occasion at The Pier Head and another opportunity to show why Liverpool is the musical centre of the universe.

Let's raise a glass to this place!

Get Away to Ethos

The countdown to the summer holidays is on, and I'm willing to bet 20 Euros that you're counting down the days, minutes and seconds 'til you're off on your jollies.

If you're yet to book anywhere and need some inspiration, check out your Get Away series, where you'll get loads of tips on the best places to go in Greece.

Can't wait to get some sunshine in your life? Then Get Away to Ethos this month and join us in your Cycladic Garden on a journey to perpetual summer.

I've lined up some delightful deals for you, and there are no hidden extras when you check in!

A Day for Dads

Sunday, June 18th, is your annual chance to show Dad just how much you love him in the form of cartoon socks and 'humourous' ties.

Personally, I like to think of Dads as modern-day Spartan Warriors. Only, instead of battling Persians in gruelling fights to the death, their battles are getting the bins out in time or showing the barbecue who's boss.

These days it's not appropriate to reward your Warrior Dad with swords and spears, but instead, you can show him how much you appreciate him with a Bottomless treat at Ethos. I've added ten new, man-friendly cocktails to the drinks menu, including Tom Collins, Corpse Reviver No.2, Blue Balls, The 007, Manhattan, Rusty Nail, The Punisher, Brave Bull, The Highlander and Rob Roy.

It sure beats a personalised mug, eh?

Get Yer Laces Out!

pic credit - ACC Liverpool

If you want to get kitted out in some uber-Scouse gear in time for On The Waterfront, the Laces Out! is the place to be on June 17th.

The ultimate gathering for 'trainees' enthusiasts is in its 9th year and now takes place at the ACC Exhibition Centre, such is the continuing boom in footwear culture.

Expect to see 110s like Webster wears selling for the price of a family holiday to Greece, as well as rare and sought-after trainers from Adidas, Reebok, New Balance and more.

It's the perfect place to get your hands on some trabs for a Father's Day present before sending your Dad to The Monro to show them off.


See you soon,

Will Lyons.

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