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What's on in Liverpool this May?

Updated: May 19

It's as if May 2023 in Liverpool is a beautiful prophecy from Apollo. Because only the Greek God of light, music, and poetry could imagine such a magical month!

With loads to look forward to, from Eurovision to a bonus bank holiday, here's what's happening in the city and at The Monro this May.

The Greek Gods are Here!

Return of The Gods, which arrives at World Museum Liverpool in time for May, fits perfectly with the theme of our specials menu, Food of the Gods.

This family-friendly exhibition dives into ancient Greek and Roman mythology, letting you and the kids get up close and personal with the heroes and heroines like your leading fella, Apollo.

Find out more here

Then stop by Ethos with the family after your visit and sample our Food of The Gods dish...

It's Milos Mousakka

After his birth, Apollo grew strong in only four days, fed exclusively with nectar and ambrosia. The rest of the time, he got by exclusively on our Milos Mousakka!

This stunning beef, aubergine, bay and potato dish is the Mousakka you know and love. But better.

It truly is Food of The Gods and probably why Apollo became a herdsman. And just like me, he grew up to be beardless and perfectly built, too. Just saying.

Liverpool welcomes Eurovision

If you don't know Eurovision is coming to Liverpool this month, you must live under a rock on Mount Olympus (or Pythagoras' cave!).

The excitement in the city is palpable for the 67th edition of the song contest, and I can't wait for the streets to fill with visitors from across Europe and beyond. I’m probably thinking of you, Australia!

So, by running a Greek kitchen, I planned to throw my full support behind Greece's entry. Except that I can’t. Because I actually listened to it:

It could be a grower?

I yearn for Apollo's day when the gods would battle to see who had the best musical skills. Because, clearly, he wasn't watching over the Greek semi-finals…

You see, if Apollo had been there, you'd see that he was to the lyre what Hendrix is to the electric guitar.

Apollo was in his own Eurovision-style song contest jamming away against a god called Pan. But King Midas (yes, the original Goldfinger) didn't vote for Apollo. So Midas was punished by being given asses ears because he didn't deserve to listen to music with human ones! Seems fair.

Maybe whoever put this Greek tragedy of a song forward for Eurovision deserves the same treatment…

Seriously though, hosting Eurovision is a phenomenal achievement for Liverpool. Let's show Europe why we're the world's most welcoming city.

Follow our friends at The Guide Liverpool for a local spin on all the contest action.

Not The Eurovision Song Contest

It's still got a way to go 'til it's at the level of Eurovision, but Ethos FM is worth making a song and dance about this month.

Choose your favourite dining deal, then unwind from the working week with live, laid-back music from Mike.

£3 meze for £15, or Bottomless? The decision is yours.

By the way, Mike says he'll do Eurovision song covers on Friday, May 11th.

Coronation Treat

Whatever your thoughts on The Royal Family, there's no denying this is a momentous occasion.

Ol' Charlie Boy will finally get his chubby fingers on the crown. King at last! I've bought commemorative beer mats and everything.