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Will's Wise Words - Easter is a time for friendship

Some see it as the unglamorous cousin of Christmas, but if you ask me, Easter is massively underrated.

I mean, what's not to love?

There's gorging on overpriced chocolate and hot-cross buns. Egg puns everywhere you look. A four-day weekend to spend eggs-actly as you please. (I know, I know - chance would be a fine thing!)

Then there are fully grown people pretending that an overgrown bunny has left chocolate everywhere in the middle of the night.

New outfits. Morris Dancing!

The list is endless.

Easter is a bonkers blend of cultures and traditions dressed up as a yellow chick and delivered in a woven basket.

And I absolutely love it.

But, more than anything else, I love Easter because of what it signifies - renewal, rebirth and the feeling that the darkest days are now behind us.

Easter brings optimism and excitement.

And we all feel it, don't we? The way our mood changes when Spring comes.

We feel better about ourselves.

That's why, for me, it'll always be one of the best times to catch up with friends and family.

Everyone seems happier, and it's the perfect time to make those big plans together.

Here are five things I'm looking forward to this Spring. I hope it inspires you to make a 'list to look forward to' of your own. Because now is the time for optimism!

The Garden

Our Cycladic Garden is a proper little sanctuary from the worries of the world. By the time I've attacked it with my petrol jet wash, you'll be transported to a place of lapping waves and sunny afternoons. I cannot wait to open it up again for you.

With Spring comes the first shoots of the wild herbs we grow for that fantastically fresh flavour, and just the smell of them turns me into a Thyme Lord!

Combined with the sound of chatter and laughter in the garden and it's a heady mix that makes you grin from ear to ear.

Lighter Nights

Listen, there are few things I enjoy more than pulling up a seat in front of our open-log fire when it's wintry outside.

But one thing I can say for sure is the feeling I get when the old place is bright with spring flowers and filled with light. That takes some beating.

It makes the space feel so open and airy. Plus, is there anything better than heading outside after a few early evening drinks to find the sun is still shining? I think not.

Great company

Spending time in a gorgeous garden on a light night is already good. Throw in the company of family and friends, and it's the stuff memories are made of.

My favourite person to while away long evenings with is my Mum.

We can spend hours reminiscing about the Lakes and [cough...] her "alfresco bonking" with my late dad. That was a coffee-splurting moment, I can tell you!

I highly recommend you call someone you love and arrange that overdue catch-up, ideally at The Monro. I'll save you a sunny spec in the garden!