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1. get the menu out to your guests

Send this menu link family & friends:
Selection of pies

2. get your pre-order written

You can hand write your pre-order on the back of an envelope or use our handy form which can be opened in MS Word and many other similar apps:

Use this Pre-Order form:

We must have the first name of the guest (plus last name if more than one "Jenny" etc,


Then their dining choices.

If you hand write it, then take a photo and email it to us. Similarly, if you use the form, use the email link in the form.

3. sit back, relax & enjoy your time with us!

Pre-orders really help us give you the smoothest experience possible


As we cook from fresh we can assure you of your choices


It really helps our hard working chefs and reduces their stress


It's super efficient on the night for you


It saves on food waste and the environment

so a big thank you for your pre-order!

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Important pricing information: The menus provided are to help you decide to book your table.

That means prices could change between now and when you dine with us. Therefore this menu is for guidance only. The menu that is published in the restaurant on the day you dine with us, is the only menu you can use to advise you of price.


Do not use any menu on this website, either as a PDF or on a web page as a guarantee of price. It is not.

Prices of core ingredients like sunflower oil, lamb, butter and cheese are increasing all the time.

Some of this is inflationary, some is because of the war in Ukraine.

For the latest prices always refer to the menu in the restaurant. There will be a delay when the website and PDFs are updated so they cannot be relied upon to show changes in prices.

We reserve the right to withdraw dishes and/or change the prices at anytime because we cannot produce meals for you and sell them at a loss.

We are doing everything we can using our expertise to bring you great flavours, great meals and great times, while these challenges begin to bite.


12pm - 3pm, 5-6pm

Wednesday to Saturday

2 Courses £15, 3 Courses £19