Our customers favourite restaurants in Liverpool

The top 5 restaurants in Liverpool that cook from fresh.

Check out the most popular restaurants in Liverpool as chosen by our customers.  Over the last few years there has been an explosion of Liverpool restaurants. In fact there seems to be a new opening every week!

If your looking for fresh food restaurants in Liverpool, then this list may help you make your choice.

Obvioulsy The Monro is a fresh food restaurant, but we're more than happy to recommend other restaurants in Liverpool.  This list doesn't include chain restaurants but does include some of the best dining in Liverpool you can try,

Go posh: The Art School
Interior of the Art School restaurant

Jade Wright of The Liverpool Echo wrote: "The best restaurants make it all look so easy. The service is intuitive and unobtrusive, the menu well chosen and the design seems organic rather than planned.

And so it is with the Art School.

There’s nothing forced, no airs and graces, but somehow life seems that bit better when you walk in through the doors."

We agree, Paul Askew the Chef Patron is a Michelin star guru having won many accolades at some of the most amazing restaurants in Liverpool, such as 60 Hope Street and The London Carriage Works.

We like it because the flavours dance on your palate.  Pricey yet you won't be disappointed. Enjoy this Liverpool dining spectacular.

"With service that is unobtrusive, The Art school is one of many favourite restaurants in Liverpool."

Go neighbourhood: Spire
Interior of Spire restaurant

Before Tripadvisor went mental and included take-aways and cafes in its listings, Spire was always at the top of the list. It still is one of the best restaurants in Liverpool and as such we highly recommend it.

Technical cooking accuracy and inventiveness are sure to please at this friendly neighbourhood restaurant. Although out near Penny Lane, a suburb, Spire is definitely a brilliant restaurant in Liverpool.

Liverpool Foodie blog wrote "Outstanding food last night all cooked to perfection and so tasty!".  Simple prose and we agree 100%,

"Competing restaurants in Liverpool always admired the high regard Spire is held in."

Go Greek but not as you know it: Grilla
The managers of Grilla

A Greek restaurant in Liverpool but with a real difference! Founder of Grilla Giorgos Kaliviotis moved from Greece to the city two years ago offering a menu that combines specialty “grilla” spit-roasts with recipes from across Europe. 

Giorgos Kaliviotis said: “Grilla is a fusion of European cuisine. I wanted it to have a fresh and contemporary feel which is reflected in the décor and the recipes.

We went and thoroughly enjoyed the food from the grill and only a short walk from Bold Street up the hill on Hardman Street, Enjoy this new Liverpool dining option!

"There are 100's of Greek restaurants in Liverpool. Grilla offers an enlightening alternative."

Go Cafe but not as you know it: Lox & Caper
Interior of Lox & Caper cafe

This little place is not an obvious choice as it's set in the lobby of a larger building. Yet it oozes passion and sensational cafe food that goes far beyond what should be created from their tiny kitchen.  Homemade lemonades and interesting salads has meant it is now one of the city’s most popular destinations since it opened last year.

It's perfect for breakfast, lunches and brunches and is only around the corner from Liverpool One.

Go gastro but not as you know it: The Monro
A salmon starter at The Monro

Okay, okay, full disclosure here. How can The Monro recommend itself? Remember that this was a list created by our customers, who were asked to recommend their favourite restuarants in Liverpool.  Thankfully they inlduded us on that list! 


If you're on the look out for a Gastropub Liverpool is proud of then consider us!  As winner of Gastropub of the Year, at The National Food Awards we're proud of this fact: We don't fake it. We make, bake and create it!

Pop up restaurant interior
Beetroot and goats cheese starter